Introducing our hot selling commercial top-mounted upright refrigerators and freezers

In this fast-paced era, we understand your strict requirements for food storage. To meet your needs, our hot selling upright refrigerator is now available! Now let’s introduce our upright refrigerator that leads the home furnishing trend meets all your needs in one stop!

Are you still worried about the insufficient capacity and single function of the refrigerator in your home? Today, we bring you our hot upright refrigerator to make your home life more convenient and comfortable!

Various capacities, choose as you like.

Our upright refrigerators come in a variety of capacity options which we have 600L, 1200L and 1800L, so whether you are a single person or a large family, you can find the one that best suits you. The large-capacity design allows your food, drinks, fruits, etc. to be properly preserved, so you no longer have to worry about food spoilage and waste!

Refrigerated and frozen, all available.

 In addition to its large capacity, our upright refrigerators also have dual functions of refrigeration and freezing. The refrigerated area uses advanced constant temperature technology to ensure that food is as fresh as ever; the freezing area has powerful refrigeration capacity, allowing you to enjoy delicious ice cream, quick-frozen foods, etc. at any time.

Quality design, energy saving and environmental protection.

This refrigerator not only has a stable and effective cooling temperature to ensure your food is as fresh as ever, it also uses fluorine-free foaming agent – cyclopentane, which is environmentally friendly and safe. The door panel is 60mm thick and has excellent thermal insulation performance, making the refrigeration effect last longer. The combination of stainless steel material and high-quality sheet metal processing technology is not only rust-proof and durable, but also shows elegant taste.

CE&CB Certified, quality ensured

Our vertical refrigerators have passed a full set of certifications such as CE and CB, and their quality is guaranteed. Global mass production reduces costs and allows you to enjoy great value discounts. What’s more worth mentioning is that we provide long after-sales service of up to 13 months, a certain percentage of free parts supply, and permanent online technical support and training, allowing you to use it worry-free.

Click the link to learn more product details. Our upright refrigerator is ideal for storing food, come and buy it!

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