Introducing our high-performance ultra freezer

Are you looking for high-quality freezing equipment suitable for food deep freezing, offshore fisheries, metal processing and other places? Here we recommend our Camay ultra freezer.  Ultra freezer, namely ultra-low temperature freezer, also known as an ULT freezer, is a highly specialized freezer that can reach temperatures as low as -86°C (-126°F). This is much colder than a standard home freezer, which typically only reaches temperatures around -18°C (0°F).

  • Food-grade 304 stainless steel liner, ultra-thick foam layer with excellent thermal insulation performance
  • Double door seal design, better thermal insulation effect
  • Safety door lock design to prevent accidental opening
  • Air pressure balance design, more comfortable opening and closing
  • Double-bearing universal wheels allow you to move more freely

In addition, we use imported compressors and German fans, equipped with efficient and stable refrigeration systems, fluorine-free and environmentally friendly, with stable and reliable performance. Precise temperature control and LED digital display allow you to easily monitor equipment operation.

In the commercial world, ensuring product quality and storage conditions is critical to the success of the business. For this reason, ultra-low temperature freezers have become indispensable storage equipment for many companies due to their excellent performance and reliability. Our ultra freezer has attracted much attention in the commercial field.

First of all, ultra-low temperature freezers have excellent temperature control capabilities. Whether it is food, medicine or other goods that require low-temperature storage, this freezer can provide an ultra-low temperature environment from -45°C , -65°C  to -86°C to ensure that the goods remain in the best condition during storage. This wide range of temperature control can meet the storage needs of different commodities, so merchants do not need to worry about damage to commodities due to improper storage.

 Secondly, ultra-low temperature freezers have a variety of capacity options. Whether it is a small store or a large supermarket, you can find an ultra-low temperature freezer that suits you. This diverse capacity selection allows merchants to choose appropriate freezers based on their actual needs and avoid wasting space and resources.

 In addition to excellent temperature control and diverse capacity options, ultra-low temperature freezers are also highly energy-efficient. Using advanced refrigeration technology and energy-saving design, this freezer effectively reduces energy consumption while maintaining a low temperature environment, saving energy costs for merchants. At the same time, its cooling speed is fast and its heat preservation effect is long-lasting, which can better meet the daily operational needs of merchants.

In the commercial field, ultra-low temperature freezers have a wide range of applications. Whether it is food, medicine or other goods that require low-temperature storage, you can use this freezer for storage. Especially in the food industry, ultra-low temperature freezers can ensure that food remains fresh, nutritious and taste good during storage, providing merchants with better product display and sales results.

No matter what kind of refrigeration equipment you are looking for, we are confident that we can provide you with a satisfactory solution. Contact us today for more details!

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