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Ultra Freezer DW65W248

Model DW65W248
Classification Ultra Freezer
Net Dimension(WxDxH mm ) 1100*755*900 mm
Capacity(L) 228
Inner Temperature(℃ ) -25 to -65℃
Refrigerant Hydrogen-carbon mixed refrigerant
Insulation Type Polyurethane/Cyclopentane/CFC Free
Cooling system Air Cooling
Compressor SECOP
Net Weight(Kgs) 76
Power(W) 500
#of doors 1

Application scenarios:

Suitable for food deep freezing, ocean fishery, deep sea fishing, biological research, metal processing, chemical research and other places.


Unique Feature:

1 The inner tank is made of food-grade 304 high-quality stainless steel, which is safe and reliable, with an ultra-thick foam layer and excellent thermal insulation performance.

2 Double door seal design, better thermal insulation effect

3 Safety door lock design to prevent random opening

4 Air pressure balance design, switch more freely

5 Double-bearing universal wheels allow you to move more freely

6 Use imported Secop/Embraco compressor, German EBM fan, efficient and stable refrigeration, powerful pure copper evaporator, pressure-resistant and corrosion-resistant

7 Self-developed high-efficiency mixed refrigerant

8 Fluorine-free and environmentally friendly

9 Design of single-machine self-cascading refrigeration system

10 Stable and reliable performance

11 The use of Kaide/Elf microcomputer controller ensures accurate and stable operation of the equipment. The LED digital display can clearly display 12 box temperature and various warning prompts. Accurate temperature control and display, with an accuracy of 0.1°C.