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Produce Name Cube Ice Making Machine
Model No. FB350A
Voltage/Frequency/Power 220 V/50 Hz 680W
Cooling Way Air  Cooling
Refrigerant R290
Compressor CUBIGEL
Max Ice Output 160 Kg/24 Hrs
Max Ice Storage (kg) 110 kgs
Ice Shape Cube Ice
Ice Cube Qty / Ice Tray 12*13 pcs
Ice Size (mm) 22*22*22
Product Net Size (mm) Ice Maker Net size without feet:560*840*1590;
Feet Height:/
Package Size
Main Material Food Grade 304 SS / ABS & PE
Packaging Way Wrapping Film + Carton Box+ Pallet

Application Scenarios:

Widely used in various occasions to meet the ice needs of families, businesses and other scenarios.


Unique Feature:

1 Advanced LCD touch screen control panel. The series has different control panels. DB series is easier to operate.

2 Body material: Food-grade PE liner with whole foaming technology. ABS insulation plastic and Food-grade 304 stainless steel.

3 Industry-leading high-performance copper-nickel evaporator for shorter freezing and harvesting cycles.

4 Water-flow ice-making system which makes the capacity 10% higher than other similar machines.

5 Advanced noise reduction technology is adopted to reduce the working noise by more than 15%.

6 Front air intake and exhaust side for hot air spread, good heat radiation effect, enhance the lifetime of the machine. Removable anti-dust mesh is easy to clean.

7 Small model machines are space-saving designs; large model machines are higher than other similar machines.